Evil never sleeps, just like heretics, witches, heathen, demons and many more. Clear the area of ​​all evil with your merciful fire. Help the sinners understand their mistake and light the fire of faith in them.

Use your skills and true faith to save the souls of innocent people. Lead investigations against heresies during which you will use many interrogation techniques such as whipping, breaking on the wheel, burning and many more! Listen to people, sometimes the rumors contain a grain of truth so can find the trail of real sinners. Every successful investigation improves your reputation among the people but is careful not to condemn innocent people to death because the people’s favor is not permanent.

  • Track down your opponents before they manage to implement their plans.
  • Explore the wild and deserted nooks of the kingdom.
  • Develop skills through God’s grace.
  • Accuse the villagers of witchcraft and pacts with the devil.
  • Break your enemies’ will, and force them to reveal their.
  • Ask the Lord to send favors to help you in your investigation.
  • Develop terrifying torture machines.
  • Burn the church opponents.
  • Earn the grace of a king and pope to become the grand witch hunter.