In Booze Empire, you play the role of a newbie moonshiner who is trying to build a great moonshine empire on the rubble of his grandfather’s reputation.

Moonshiners, alcohol smuggling, illegal forest distilleries, moonshine… Many of you may think those times were in the past but the reality is way different; the moonshine market is blooming and its worth millions of dollars. As an amateur who inherited his equipment from his dying grandfather you must use it to fulfill his last words and restore his falling empire. Avoid police raids, watch your competitors closely as they will do everything to eliminate you from the business. Create new recipes, expand your equipment, hide your moonshine labs, make your grandpa proud.

When crafting new recipes, don’t be afraid to experiment, it may turn out that your creation will give birth to the best moonshine in the world.

Creating moonshine is illegal, do your best to hide your production undercover. Expand very carefully not to arouse suspicion. Buy more equipment, hire more people. Craft more liquor.

Your competitors are waiting for your mistakes, they will try to make your life miserable, they want to eliminate you from the business using various devious tricks, so be prepared. Remember that with huge popularity of your home-brewing the police will start to sniff around, stay alert. Don’t get caught. Hide, create deception. Avoid publicity.

  • Repair your installation
  • Create new recipes
  • Expand your production lines
  • Prepare your own moonshine
  • Fight with cops and competition